The Hidden Truths About Your Car Keys

Car keys are often the fugitive puzzle piece of the humble car. Often eluding its owner by hiding in many a nook, cranny and couch cushion, these essential car starting devices have more secrets to tell with many oblivious to the hidden truths that réparation elv hold.

Car keys are made out of brass – or so they should be – so they don’t wear your ignition and locks out. If given a steal key, motorists should be aware that both your ignition, locks and key will all wear out faster. Ignitions and locks are also made from steal and the constant friction and rubbing of them with the key will wear them both out leaving the motorists with a three-way replacement which is costly and terribly inconvenient. A brass key should always be sought to avoid this predicament.

A major misconception by motorist and new car owners is that the key starts the car. This is a fallacy as it is actually the chip located in the plastic casing of keys that starts modern cars. This chip is coded specifically to its matched car and without this precise coding, cars will not start, stop working and even stop working mid way through a trip. This can leave motorists thinking that something is wrong with their car rather than their key and can lead to unnecessary mechanical adjustments, replacements and bills.

One notion that many people don’t realize is that only specialised car locksmiths have the card and chip reader and know how to use it. There are also only a minority of these specialised or trade qualified locksmiths available in most areas. By seeking these specialised businesses, you ensure the job is done right and the key works as it should for many years. If a key is made by a non trade qualified business, often they won’t work or they will work for a while and then stop. Without trade qualifications and the right card and chip reader and the knowledge of how to use it properly, keys are very often only half programmed. This in time will cause the driver more hassle and quite likely leave them very angry.

One final hidden truth about car keys is that some keys are really expensive to replace. If you loose a Toyota Echo key for example, it will cost you $3000 to replace whereas a Toyota Yaris will cost around $300 to replace. If you find a car at auction or for sale that looks to be an absolute bargain and has no faults… but no key, ask your local trade qualified car locksmith how much the key is to replace before buying the car.

With all of these truths now revealed, a little light is shed on the world of car keys. They are not as simple as people believe or as they once were. Years ago, keys were simply a bunch of angular metal teeth that uniquely fit a lock but now it is all about computers and chips. With this in mind, it is obvious that car keys have become more complex than they once were and it pays to have some knowledge on what to do when they stop functioning.

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