The Christ, Ratu Adil & Satria Piningit–Revealed?! Part 4

Indonesia long awaits the saviors, Satria christian mysticism and Ratu Adil to show-up on the political stage to usher-in the Golden Age; and she secretly expects the saviors to “glorify” her before the other nations, just as other groups or some other nations egotistically long for the same thing. We would like to emphasize here that emissaries from God do not appear for the progress of a single group, sect, nation, etc.; the “angels” of God march on behalf of the spiritual unfoldment of humanity and the manifestation of God’s Will on Earth.

Ratu Adil, is the “Queen of Justice ” as translated into English. An improved rendering would be “Goddess of Justice.” The goddess is also called Satrio Wirang by some mystics. Many centuries ago her advent and influence was prophesied by Jayabaya, or those appropriating his name, such as Pangeran Wijil who wrote the book, “Jangka Jayabaya” in 1741.

Ever since the prediction was made there have been speculations as to the probable nature or even identity of the goddess, and also her associate, Satria Piningit. There are those that believe that when the time is ripe Ratu Adil would incarnate and live in the physical world as a human being and establish justice in a chaotic and anarchic world.

R. Ng Ranggawarsita, a poet of the “Kraton Surakarta” once wrote that a king would be born in Mecca with symbolic signs appearing such as the “Tujung Putih, Pudak Sinumpet,” or “White Lotus Flower, Hidden Bud.” The White Lotus Flower supposedly refers to Ratu Adil, whereas the Hidden Bud refers to Satria Piningit.

White lotus flowers have always signified spirituality or divinity to the ancient Egyptians, Hindus, and other cultures. The symbolic signs above could well mean that though she is unveiled, she is yet hidden; or in other words, her influence would be active in the physical world of men but she herself will remain unseen, the reason being that she resides in a different dimension. When mystics mention Mecca, what they are actually referring to is the Kabah, or House of God. In esoteric language, the Kabah symbolizes a high state of consciousness, or a lofty spiritual estate. Considering then, Mecca in conjunction with the other symbols we may reason Ratu Adil to be a divine, spiritual being, a goddess, functioning in a higher world unseen by the physical senses, but active in directing her representatives to work on behalf of Truth, Freedom and Justice.

Some believe that the coming of Ratu Adil simply means that at a future date justice would rule over our hearts and souls, and that our governments would implement Justice and Truth as the voice of their respective nation’s conscience. We concur with this belief; however, it might surprise some people to know that the Goddess of Justice, or Ratu Adil, does actually exist as a personal being and known to some students of esotericism. She is a cosmic entity far more advanced than any “perfect” human being, hence the title of “Goddess.” She is known among the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy and their unascended disciples as “Portia (Por-shia), the Goddess of Justice.”

According to notions here in Indonesia, Ratu Adil is somehow associated with Satria Piningit. Western occultism supports this concept. Ratu Adil and Satria Piningit are actually what is called “Twin-Flames,” or “Twin-Spirits.” To explain briefly what Twin-Souls are according to western occultism: the true identity of man is the Spirit, the divine spark of God within the microcosm. Theosophical students call this the “Monad”. When the main Divine Spark first emerged from the parent-flame, or God, it consisted of two polarities, one masculine and the other feminine. These two polarities later separated into lesser Sparks, or Spirits. Each human being is that evolving Spirit of a certain polarity of one of those billions of Divine Sparks, and each of us has a Twin-Spirit somewhere in the universe. Though most of us are presently separated from our Twin, we will unite with our “alter ego” when we have evolved to a certain stage and fulfilled certain spiritual tasks. Related to the principle of Twin-Flames are the Soul-mate and Karmic-mate concepts; however, they are irrelevant in this paper.

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