Pregnancy Miracle Book – Does It Really Work?

The book “Pregnancy acim” has hit almost the entire world by storm! What makes this book special is the phenomenal impact it gives to women of late 30s and 40s, even 50s, who desires to have a baby. Because of the countless testimonies given, a lot of aspiring mothers want to know how effective and true this program is. That’s exactly what we’re going to find out here with the following paragraphs.

Written by Lisa Olson who once had a trouble getting pregnant, this book consists of more than 250 pages. It is entirely different from any pregnancy book and fertility manual you see in bookstores. The general content of this book is more about the human body and how two opposite sex can be able to produce a lovely child even in times of old age or infertility. To introduce you with this and help you resolve your curiosity, let’s discuss briefly the first five chapters of the book.

Basic information about the male and female anatomy is discussed in the first chapter of Lisa Olson’s book. It primarily talks and explains about the menstrual cycle of a female, the hormonal system of a male, reproductive organ of each gender, personal genes of both male and female, and how all of these are connected to fertility.

People in the world have diverse beliefs, customs and traditions on how they view and understand fertility. Each side of the world, from east to west, has its own belief regarding the methods and practices used in conceiving a child. Explanations and causes of this matter are revealed in Chapter two of “Pregnancy Miracle”.

There are 5 essential steps provided in this particular chapter on how to easily get pregnant and how to normally give birth to a healthy, precious child. All of these steps are natural ways so don’t worry you will not undergo any medical procedures or scientific engineering programs to get pregnant. Some parts of the process include the following: healthy habits through the changing of diet plans and exercise routine, liver detoxification and internal cleansing or purification, using Acupuncture and Acupressure to cleanse energy for successful conception and the like.

Some people, especially women, experience special conditions like cancer, advancement in age, infertility, tubal ligation and among others. All of these are highlighted in this fourth chapter of the book. This matter will surely enlighten you regarding the different undesired circumstances like those stated previously.

On this chapter, helpful tips are provided on how to outplay any emotional challenges when you are dealing with infertility issues from testing to diagnosis. This is a vitally important matter every woman must know since she is likely to have a difficult time responding to emotional problems like this.

Given as a sneak preview, those five chapters are interesting topics all women need to read and learn. You may really find all the information in the book to be very helpful about solving your personal needs once you finished reading the whole book. It’s not your loss to read one chapter a day, is it? It may be worth it, instead.

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