How to Review a Book For Your Blog

Reading a book becomes addictive if you are a um curso em milagres-worm. It’s easy to pick up one and start reading and before you know it the night has half gone and the book is almost finished. When a book is almost finished its almost like a part of my body is gone. I am keen to find out the ending or the story line, but also keen for the book to continue. If you are also a keen book-worm then you will know what I am talking about!

A book is a personal choice – you either read it because you like the subject or the title of the book. Or the book was passed onto you from another like minded person. Yet sometimes a book will really connect with your own personal story (life) and other times you will struggle to finish reading to the end. If you are a keen book lover and you read anything and everything that you can get your hands on – like I do then writing a book review for your blog will soon become like second nature.

Here are a few tips/hints that you could take on board when you write a book review for your blog:-

  • Include the title.
  • Remember to include the Author name so other readers can search for the book online or at a store
  • Search for an image that you can include with the blog post of the book or related to the topic.
  • Give your opinion without being too rude, you can review a book for your blog post in a way that is respectful yet also truthful
  • Ask for other peoples opinions about what they thought of the book at the end of the blog post
  • Include links to where someone can buy their own copy.
  • Stat what the book did for you personally so others can either relate to the book, or decide not to buy their own copy.
  • Write with an open heart. If you have heard about how great the book is, yet not sure what all the fuss was about then include what you did like about it and what you thought could be improved
  • Stay on topic with one review at a time. Try not to review two books in one blog post because other wise it soon becomes too confusing.
  • Search for other reviews about the same book and link within the blog so that people can read more than one review and make an informed decision on whether they should buy their own copy or not to bother. To learn more about how to start a book review blog go here.
  • Suggest sites where the book is reasonably priced – if you were to buy the book would you pay the price that the website quotes that you are sending your readers to?
  • Think outside the square when writing a review – add your own personal touch!

Reading a book is a lot like finding a best friend for life. If you connect with the story line or the business information that it has to offer then you will soon be ready to share with others your own personal thoughts

It all depends on the type of book you are reading, and the audience it will be directed towards. If you are reading one after the other and you forget to write your blog post, then you might need to re-read the book again. Another great idea is to hi-light as you are reading it, and to write notes on a notepad that you can easily pick up and read to so that you are able to write you book review based on your thoughts. Reviewing a book is a personal journey and no two people will think a like on any one subject.

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