Benefits of Investing in Miami Foreclosed Homes

The City of top residential architects in Miami is a major city located on the Atlantic Coast in the state of Florida. Investing in Miami has become easy with rise in number of Miami foreclosed homes. It is the opportune time to invest in foreclosure homes in Miami as they are available at considerable discounts of 20 to 50%.

Miami is the county seat of Miami Dade County, the most populated county of Florida. The Miami’s urbanized area is the fifth most populous urbanized area in the US. Some of the benefits of investing in Miami are:

Miami is a famous global city because of its importance in finance, culture, commerce, education, media, fashion, print media, film, entertainment, international trade and the performing arts. It is often referred to as the Gateway to the Americas. In the 1980’s and 1990’s various problems happened in South Florida. But late into the 20th century, the city became a leading cultural, financial and commercial center.

In just 110 years, the city grew from 1000 residents to over five million residents earning it the name, Magic City because of its rapid transformation.

Miami is one among the top financial centers of the nation. It is a leading centre for commerce, finance etc. and has a strong business community of international scale. Based on a ranking of World cities, ranked on the proliferation of global corporates, Miami is ranked as a ‘beta -world’ city. Several multinationals are based here like Cisco, American Airlines, Disney etc.

From 2001, Miami is witnessing a burst of building activity with more than 50 skyscrapers at elevations of over 400 feet and its skyline is considered the third most spectacular in America. The Port of Miami and Miami International Airport are the busiest of nation’s entry ports.

Bricknell, in Miami’s financial district has the largest presence in the country of international banks. Tourism is a major driver with beaches, conventions and festivals drawing more than 12 million tourists every year. The Art Deco district of South Beach is regarded the most prestigious in the world with historical buildings, nightclubs, beaches and shopping.

In 2008, Miami got the rank of America’s cleanest city by Forbes magazine because of its air quality and green spaces. In 2009, it was ranked as the richest American city and fifth in the world’s richest cities on basis of power of purchasing. Miami has many entertainment venues, theatres, museums, parks, and performing arts centers. It is the biggest centre of cruise lines in the world.

In 2005, Miami witnessed the largest boom in real estate since the 1920’s. But in 2007, there was a meltdown in the housing market and Miami foreclosed homes grew rapidly. Today, the Miami market ranks Eighth nationally for foreclosures. Thus investing in Miami foreclosed homes is a good investment in a vibrant, happening city.

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