5 Helpful Tips to Prepare for the Delivery of Your Baby

During the first few months of pregnancy, your baby’s due date may have seemed so far away, but now that you are approaching your final months, you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all that you need to do before your baby’s arrival. I remember this feeling well and it is for this reason that I would like to share some of the helpful things that I learned from my experience of preparing for three out for delivery.

Early in your pregnancy, buy a cute note pad and pen at the local bargain store and title it, “Delivery List”. Keep your pad and pen in a very convenient place, maybe your purse or next to your bed. If you have a smart phone, you can start a page on your “note pad” application. Make a list of things or ideas, that you hear about or see during your pregnancy, that will help you prepare for delivery. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Ask your doctor about classes that may be offered to help you prepare for delivery. Sign up for a free classes at your local hospital. These classes may include: Breathing Techniques for Delivery, Infant CPR, Caring for your Newborn, or Preparing Siblings for a New Baby.

2. Shop online for your comfortable “Going Home Outfit,” including a nursing bra.

3. Make and freeze dinner casseroles. Stock your freezer and pantry to limit trips to the grocery store during the first few weeks after your delivery.

4. Set out your Delivery Bag, which can be your Baby’s Diaper Bag, 6-8 weeks prior to your due date. Place your bag in a discrete, but convenient place, and start to put things into it each day. If they are things that you are not ready to put in your bag, as you are currently using them, make a note of them, on your “Delivery List” or “Note Pad App.,” so that you will remember to pack them, when you are ready. Remember to pack “Delivery Essentials,” such as massage oil, lip balm, facial cleanser, a tennis ball, and your personal “Maternity Hospital Gown.” Finally, pack your “Nursing Bra” & “Going Home Outfit,” for you and your newborn.

5. Upload soothing music to your smart phone or bring your favorite CD and a player. Music will be relaxing to listen to during your delivery and after.

The delivery of your baby is the day you have been anticipating. It is the day you will be able to see and hold your precious baby for the first time. Take the time to make delivery preparations, you will be glad you did!

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