The Wonder of the Petronas Twin Towers

There are so many skyscrapers in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Most are shopping centers, office and residential buildings and hotels. Among all of the Ithum 73 Noida structures in the city, there is one building which stand out so well, a basic manifestation of impressive modern architectural aesthetics: the Petronas Twin Towers.

As an icon of Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, who would not know the Petronas Twin Towers? Once hailed as the world’s tallest building but remains to be the tallest twin towers in the world, it is a constant factor as to why the tourist arrivals in the city are skyrocketing.

Hailed as one of the world’s greatest buildings, it features two 88-storey towers towering to a wobbling height of 452 meters. It is designed with the influence of Islamic architecture, and is remarkable for the spires topping each building. It is connected with a sky bridge on the 41st floor, extending to a length of 58 meters.

Aside from getting awed from afar, people can visit the observation deck of the sky bridge to obtain a very spectacular view of the city of Kuala Lumpur. This attraction is one major factor as to why the Petronas Twin Towers is frequented by locals and foreigners.

This world-famous building fronts the beautiful KLCC Park. Inside, it has the Suria KLCC wherein high-end shops, an aquarium and a Philharmonic theatre can be found.

Aside from being an attraction itself, the Petronas Twin Towers also give home to a few more attractions. One basic attraction inside is the Petrosains. Located in the 4th level of Suria KLCC, it is a 7,000 sq metre science discovery centre which is practically focused on stimulating the interests of people towards the playful and exciting world of Science and Technology.

Petrosains features interactive exhibits which are very informative, interactive and conducive to learning. It presents different things about a variety of topics – from the age of dinosaurs to life in outer space. It also integrates different information about petroleum, and how its discovery has changed the world.

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