The Power of Miracles and the Law of Attraction

Let me explain what the “Knowledge of Self” and the “david hoffmeister mexico of Consciousness” means. Many have heard situations where a mothers child was trapped under a tree or a car and at that moment the mother showed super-human strength and lifted the car or the large tree off of their child. What makes this so much more fascinating is the fact that scientist tried to have several men attempt to move the same thing but had no success. Why is this…

Or the story of a person being involved in an horrific accident but walk away perfectly fine, what is this force that shielded and protected them? Most people would call each circumstance a “Miracle” because of the amazing outcomes, but are they really miracles? In the situation with the mother and her child what many scholars believe and I myself agree, is that the moment the mother saw her child in distress there was no time for her mind (thoughts) to use her finite level of thinking therefore at that moment there was only “NOW” nothing else in the Universe mattered. There was no time, bills, debt, or anything else to distract her thinking and create doubt. What happened was at that moment the mother became conscious of her true-Self and the fact that she has the infinite power of glory within her, so to lift the vehicle or tree off the child was expected because there was no room for doubt because she was in the moment the “NOW” and in the now the beauty of light shines brightly on you and where there is light no darkness can be present. So the mother saving her child I believe is an example of awareness of Super-Consciousness and in that realm of awareness any and everything is possible.

The second example about the accident and the survivor is somewhat different because many times there is no physical involvement on the part of the survivor but what happens is of extreme significance and should be examined. During my research of miracles of all kinds I found that many of the survivors of terrible accidents had one thing in common. They all stated a feeling of peace, appreciation, and gratitude for life and to experience this feeling you must be in the moment or the “Now”. This is the feeling that everything going on around you is of insignificance and you finally awaken to the truth that the past or future never mattered because they don’t exist. The past or the future has never existed because there is only the NOW. While in this state of consciousness any fear, anxiety, or distraction that other wise would cloud our decision making are completely removed and we are finally able to recognize our true-Self and receive instruction for survival. That is why there are people who say they heard a small voice telling them to move this way or go here, they are telling the truth, the voice they are hearing is not a voice at all it’s their Super-Consciousness their true-Self that is above the level of mind.

The reason why most miracles cannot be explained by our science is because the realm of this power is far beyond the concievability of the finite mind of man. To reach this level of awareness and consciousness we must allow ourself to be in the moment or the Now and “BEING” in the moment we immediately recognize it’s glory and beauty, we finally recognize that the key to power, happiness, and wealth are all in the moment because that’s all there ever is and to experience more blissful moments or “miracles” requires us to spend more time in the “NOW” and enjoy our enlightened level of consciousness and Self-awareness.

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