Organize Your Garage by Developing a Garage Storage System

Do you want to organize Garage Flooring College Station space but have no idea how to start? One method you should consider is to develop a garage storage system. A garage storage system is one of the most thorough approaches to tidying up your garage. Before developing a garage storage system make sure you examine each area of your garage. When you take the time to examine your garage, you can organize garage space and maintain it for many years. Make a plan and get to work on your specially tailored garage storage system!

What can Go
Sadly, you will have to part with some of those old tools and belongings. Items that have been lurking in your garage gathering dust will do nothing to help your cleanup efforts. Plus, these take up valuable space that can be used more productively. The bottom line is if you really want to organize garage space, you have to remove a few things. Start with items you haven’t touched in years. That old bicycle you never ride can probably go, or that old treadmill that has been folded up in the corner. Any tools that have become worn or broken should also be taken out.

Some people develop a bad habit of hoarding broken items. Even if you have been saying you will fix something, but it has sat for months or years untouched, perhaps it is time to finally part with it. If you truly needed it, you would have either replaced or repaired it by now. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter is the first step to organize garage space.

Look to the Walls
Organize garage walls as well as the floor space. You may not realize it, but the walls offer a significant amount of area that could be used for storage. Avoid setting things on the ground that could be hung on the wall or placed on wall mounted shelves. Evaluate your existing hooks and shelves to see how many can be added. Rather than propping your shovels and rakes in the corner, hang them from a hook on the wall. Paint cans and tool boxes can also be placed on metal shelves on the walls.

Keeping your garage floor clutter free can help reduce trip hazards and increase workspace. Make it a point to organize garage walls so you get the most use out of them. This may mean moving existing shelves to efficiently utilize each stretch of wall. Keep in mind when buying and hanging shelves that many items will be heavy. Only use durable, sturdy shelves, such as metal units.

Tool Containers
Even if you have already organized garage space with shelves and hooks, make a point to keep things inside containers. It may be easier to leave tools sitting out on a shelf, but refrain from doing so. Not only does this look unsightly, it could turn each metal or wooden tool into a safety hazard should it tumble from the shelf. Instead, purchase sturdy tool boxes to store all tools in. This will also help prevent a disorganization relapse. The best approach to organize garage space is to make sure everything has a home, be it on a shelf, hanging from a hook or in a tool box.

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