Nightlife in Patong and the Rest of Phuket

When people come to Phuket, be it for a brief stopover or for something a bit more long term, one of the first questions they have is about the 베트남 풀빌라 on the island. Phuket nightlife still has a lot of ground to make up on Southeast Asia’s top clubbing destinations (Tokyo, Singapore and so on), but the scene is comparable to that of Bali’s.

For a long time, nightlife in Phuket didn’t get much beyond a few beer bars and frequent renditions of I Love You Baby. The nightlife scene in Phuket has developed into something that should be able to keep most people happy. The majority of music genres are covered to some extent. Rock, indie, hip hop, jazz, trance, house, techno and so on all make appearances on the island from one week to the next.

The hub of nightlife in Phuket is based in Patong. Nightlife in Patong is loud, obnoxious and it goes on all night. Take a stroll down Soi Bangla and you’ll see it for yourself in full swing. There are a few go-go bars and lots of beer bars in Bangla.

There are also a number of discos in the area, including Seduction, Tiger and Hollywood. These clubs churn out loud-volume hip hop and dance beats for the masses. It’s mindless fun, but it’s fun nonetheless. Patong nightlife doesn’t have to be so abrasive however. Just a short walk from Soi Bangla is Club Lime, a favorite with Phuket’s socialites for a couple of years now.

Lime is one of the few venues in Phuket to push the boundaries of clubbing, regularly booking interesting DJs to come and play everything from drum n bass to electro. Past performers include Barry Ashworth, Outrage, Krafty Kuts and Jo Mills. The drinks are expensive and there’s usually a cover charge, but you get what you pay for. Near Club Lime there’s a fresh lounge bar and restaurant called BYD Lofts, which is often used as a pre-club by people heading to Lime.

Patong nightlife isn’t the be all and end all. You can have just as much fun checking out the clubs in Phuket Town. Most clubs feature local bands playing Thai indie covers. As the night progresses, there will usually be a DJ playing chipmunk techno music. Try 9 Richter, KorTorMor and Timberhut for some local action.

For something a little more chilled, Music Matters plays jazz music and there is often a live band playing. Jazz fiends should also make a point to check out Karma Lounge in Kata. The island’s finest musicians – locals and foreigners – often make it to the venue to jam together until the early hours of the morning.

You wouldn’t travel to Phuket specifically for the nightlife unless you were only interested in picking up bar girls, but there’s no reason to feel glum about the scene.

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