Idealism Is Great, But Successful Leaders Are Pragmatic Idealists!: 5 Specifics

It’s good, to be idealistic, pragmatic88 the reality is, it rarely, creates a quality impact/ results, unless/ until, it is combined, effectively, with a considerable degree of pragmatism! This combination, which I often, refer to, as, pragmatic idealism, considers, no matter, how great an idea, and/ or need, it rarely, serves, any real – purpose, unless/ until, one considers, what can be done, and approved, by a group of elected officials, who, often, come from differing, political parties, and perspectives, and possess, different concepts, of what, should be done, etc! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific areas, where this approach, is needed, and necessary, and must be seriously considered.

1. Climate and Environment: Those, who, either, minimize, and/ or, deny, the potential ramifications of Climate Change, and, why, these need, to be addressed, proactively, instead of being, a part of the solution, are, generally, the basis of the actual problem! Some claim, we cannot afford to make the changes, needed, but, the scientists, warn, we can’t afford the potential ramifications, into the future! For decades, this nation, seemed to take steps, towards, protecting our environment, but, in the previous, Presidential elections, we witnessed, an apparent attack on everything, related, to the protection of, either, the climate, and/ or, environment!

2. Fairer tax system: Largely, along – party – lines, the 2017 tax reform legislation, was passed. The claims, at the time, were, it would largely, benefit, the middle – class, yet, in – reality, it, predominantly, benefited the wealthiest Americans, and largest corporations! Prior to the pandemic, it created an additional, nearly – trillion dollar, deficit, and, those, who claim, to be political conservatives, seemed, to either, not care, or it served their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

3. Employment/ Jobs: Employment, in, and, of – itself, isn’t as, significant, as the quality of these jobs, and, whether, most, can afford, to live. At the present, minimum wage, there is nowhere in the United States, someone, working 40 hours, at that rate, is not living, below the poverty – level! We need, better jobs, more attention to the necessities, into a sustainable future, and a focus, on relevant, well – considered, job training/ re – training!

4. Medical/ health care: Should quality health care, be a right, or, merely, available? Why are we, the only nation, where, so many can’t afford, medical treatment, and, why are the costs of prescription drugs, in this nation, a multiple – higher, than in the rest of the world?

5. Equal justice: Shouldn’t our basic, Constitutional guarantees, produce, consistent, equal justice, rights, and freedoms, to all? Unless/ until, we begin, to make this, a priority, we will see little change, for the better!

Wake up, America, and demand, a merger of our ideals, and idealism, with a pragmatic, realistic, understanding, and recognition, of, what this nation, must stand – for! Will you demand, better, and more?

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