HVAC Jobs In New York – Diversity In Your Career

When it comes to a career in Furnace Repair, New York is the place to be. Working as a technician in NY your can expect higher than average wages (right from the start), high demand for you services, and an ever-growing career outlook with no end in sight to this growth.

The climate of New York lends itself to those working in this career. In the winter months temperatures drop below freezing, and heating units have to work to keep up. When summer comes it isn’t uncommon for extreme highs where A/C units are pushed to their limits. It isn’t just the climate that lends itself to this field; it is also the buildings themselves.

Most cities in New York State include many larger complexes: high-rise building, apartment buildings, and large shopping centre’s are all examples. All of these commercial buildings require proper heating, ventilation, and often A/C systems.

For someone with HVAC training, New York really is the place to work. If you live in the area, and are considering a career in one of the trades, the career of an HVAC technician is a great place to look.

What Does The New York HVAC Tech Do?

As has already been suggested, HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. As a technician in this growing field you will work to install and repair all of these types of units.

The largest amount of work in New York is for the repair technician. Given the areas climate and buildings you will find that even if you specialized in just one area of HVAC you would never be out of work. If you chose to specialize in heating, for example, you’d be kept busy all winter repairing commercial and residential heating units. Throughout the other three seasons you could keep busy installing new units, and helping to get installed units ready for the next cold season.

The same ideas hold true for any specialized area of HVAC training. With your qualifications in place you can look forward to a busy and diverse career.

Where Does An HVAC Technician Work?

There are actually many specialized areas that you may work as a technician in this field. Four areas where you can easily find work in New York include:

1. Commercial Businesses – Many large buildings include complicated HVAC systems, and the largest of them employ full-time technicians to keep these systems in good repair.

2. Commercial Contractors – Large buildings, means large building projects, and many commercial contractors employ entire teams of HVAC technicians to help in this area of their work.

3. Residential Plumbing Contractors – With the increase in technology in all kinds of HVAC units, many plumbers also employ HVAC technicians.

4. HVAC Sales – If you prefer working with people rather than machines you can also find work in sales outlets for commercials and residential HVAC units.

Whether you choose to specialize, work for an employer, or start your own business as an HVAC technician, one thing is certain. New York is the place to work if you follow this career path.

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