Garage Organization – New Heights For Garage Floors

For decades the oklahoma city concrete contractors has been relegated as the dumping ground for many American home owners. The garage floor, those that can still be seen under the many piles of boxes, holiday decorations and gardening equipment, has become an unsightly mess. With stains from your cars, pets, paints and various chemicals, garage floors traditionally look more like that of a car mechanic’s than that of a private residence. California residences have it even worse, due to the never ending cracks, chips and pitting caused from earthquakes. Cracks can easily be filled and repaired and painted over and look fine…until the next quake or tremor. So what is a home owner to do instead of going through this continual maintenance process? Install maintenance fee interlocking floor tiles. With technological advances in every part of our lives, from cooking to cleaning, it’s about time the garage gets a few advances as well.

Interlocking floor tiles are the next great thing for the garage floor. Think Lego’s meet linoleum. Instead of trying the fix it up, cover it up. Interlocking floor tiles come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Interlocking floor tiles are normally designed from a polypropylene copolymer material. This composite can withstand temperatures of -20F – 200+F and have a weight ratio of over 5,000 PSI, (pounds per square inch). So unless you drive a Sherman tank, you should be okay. And unlike paints or epoxy products, there is no prep time, no cracks to fill, no grinding of surfaces, no toxic chemicals and no mess. And you don’t have to be without your garage for days on end. A standard two care garage can be installed in hours not days. You don’t even have to wait for drying time. The minute it is finished, you can drive on it. Interlocking floor tiles don’t require any adhesives or glues. You simply snap them together and lay them down, that’s it! You can even take them with you when you move. But here’s the best part; the surface is oil and paint resistant.

True story: we had a client that just had a beautiful new epoxy floor installed in his garage. One day, his new Mercedes wouldn’t start. So he called AAA. AAA showed up, pulled into the garage, connected his jumper cables and started the homeowner’s car. Everyone was happy, right? Wrong. The homeowner found that AAA had left him a little gift…battery acid. The battery acid had burned right through his brand new, incredibly shiny epoxy floor. The garage floor now had a pancake sized stain that exposed the existing, ugly concrete. And because the epoxy floor material was one layer of epoxy that covered the entire garage, he now had to deal with fixing the whole floor. Had he installed interlocking floor tiles instead, he would only have to pop out the effected tiles, snap in new ones and he would have a perfect garage floor again in minutes.

Interlocking floor tiles are the future of garage floors. They are easy to install, not permanent, oil-paint-stain resistant, easy to clean, attractive and very functional. You can create attractive designs, including checkerboards, individual car stalls and even hop-scotch for the kids.

So when you are ready to clean up your garage, don’t stop at just your walls and cabinets, consider doing the floors as well. Consider installing Interlocking floor tiles.

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