Garage Doors – 4 Styles, 3 Materials, Infinite Possibilities

The task of choosing epoxy flooring reno doors can be much more complicated than you first anticipate. You’ll have to make allowances for the interior and exterior clearance you need; whether or not your garage is attached to your house, and whether you need a single, or multiple garage doors. Then there are decisions about the materials from which your garage doors will be made.

Garage doors are constructed in four distinct types, and commonly made from one of three materials. The four types of garage doors are the roller, side hung, and sectional doors and then most popular, up-and-over garage doors.

Roller And Sectional Garage Doors

Roller and sectional garage doors are very similar in concept. Each opens vertically, making it ideal for situations in which there is limited space at entrance to the garage. They also have an attractive appearance, which is a big factor in those garages visible from the front of a home.

The difference between the roller and sectional garage doors is in their operation; a roller door, as its name implies, will roll up into a drum which is located above the door’s opening. A sectional door, on the other hand, is constructed of hinged panels which lie flat beneath the garage’s ceiling when they are raised.

The sectional door does not protrude into the driveway at any point, so cars can be parked with their front bumpers right at the garages entry way with no danger of being struck by the garage doors as they are lifted or lowered. Both roller and section garage doors are available with wither manual or automatic operation.

Side-Hinged And Up And Over Garage Doors

For older homes whose owners wish to maintain a traditional appearance, the side-hinged garage door is the most popular choice. And if the home’s owners are sticklers for period detail, the side hung garage doors will be constructed of timber; the contemporary steel or GRP–glass-reinforced plastic–garage doors would look very much out of place in such surroundings. Timber side-hinged garage doors are attached either onto the garage’s wooden frame or brick exterior.

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