Five Benefits of Application Performance Management

Application performance management has proven to be an imperative discipline for enterprises and communications service providers, as they look to ensure high-performing woofapps at all times for all users. The benefits are vast, and allow performance challenges to be detected, diagnosed and corrected efficiently and easily, so that end users’ expectations are sufficiently met.

End users have come to expect and demand instant availability from their applications. In today’s fast-moving business landscape, enterprises cannot afford to have low performing applications. In fact, in order to operate successfully, businesses must ensure their vital applications and services are high-functioning from the data center to end users over converged IP networks.

Gaining visibility into the amount and nature of IP network traffic is one critical way for businesses to meet end user demand for high-performing applications. Because these are often the foundation of success for daily activities and projects, visibility is a key benefit.

As enterprises continue to expand their footprint with offices across the world, end-to-end application performance management of the wide area network (WAN) becomes crucial. While offices can be anywhere across the globe, applications still must work properly for successful business operations in any office despite the location.

Monitoring network performance, though important, is not enough on its own to address application performance challenges. Enterprises and communications service providers need to concentrate on building “application awareness” into their offerings and network performance management practices. This includes visibility into service utilization down to the application or end-user level, an understanding of quality from the end-user experience perspective, and insight into the interdependencies and traffic between application components in today’s complex, multi-tiered and virtualized data centers.

Having solutions that address the major traffic flow questions, including “who, what, where and when,” in order to mitigate the challenges associated with ensuring application performance, and guarantee properly functioning business applications, is important. With such application management tools, enterprises and communications service providers can meet businesses’ demands for application visibility, application usage management and application response management as well as application performance monitoringand application performance optimization and reporting services. With these solutions in place, enterprises and communications service providers are properly equipped to guarantee that applications can operate efficiently and be delivered as end users expect and demand.

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