Exterior Doors – Wood, Fiberglass Or Steel?

There are many choices when it comes to exterior garage door repair sonoma county ca for your home. The three most popular door types are wood, fiberglass and steel. Factors such as where you live, the exact style or design you want and your budget will all affect your decision. If you are thinking about replacing your exterior front entry door then you should think about all the great benefits to a new front door such as adding curb appeal and value to your home. A new door will also give the exterior of your home a quick update for a relatively low price. In fact, you can purchase a really great quality steel door (which is one of the best door types on the market) for about $250.

Wood Doors
Wood doors have been around the longest of all doors and provide the most decorative and personalized options. These traditional doors have other beneficial characteristics such the ability to be painted or stained, a project you could probably handle on your own. Wood doors are made better and stronger today then they used to be. While wood doors do provide a sense of security (being that they are thick and heavy) they are not as secure as fiberglass or steel doors in that they have the potential to be kicked in. You can also choose from a variety of finishes for a wooden door and easily customize decorative glass for the door. If you live in a hot climate such as Las Vegas or Palm Springs then a wood door may not be best for your home because the wood can swell and end up costing you time and money from having to maintain and fix the door. If you want a warm and traditional feel to your home and top security isn’t a priority for you, then wood doors are an excellent option.

Fiberglass Doors
If you are looking for a strong, very secure and very energy efficient door then a fiberglass door is a great option for you. Fiberglass doors look and feel like wood but won’t crack, warp, scratch, peel, swell or expand like wood and are three times stronger than wood doors and in some cases can be easily painted or stained. These doors have a wood grain texture molded into them which gives the appearance of a real wood door when painted or stained. Fiberglass doors resemble wood doors so closely that it is hard to differentiate between which one is real wood and which one is fiberglass. These doors provide added security protection and greater insulating quality- while keeping to a traditional theme with less maintenance than wood doors.

Steel Doors
Steel doors are the most energy efficient of the doors discussed here but do not have as much decorative options as wood. Steel doors are the best option for those who live in areas that are subject to harsh weather such as hurricanes or tornados since they are so tough and strong and also hold up to all the elements (such as heavy rain and snow) well. Another great benefit to steel doors is that they don’t chip or crack or even warp. Another perk is that many steel doors come with a fireproof option. Keep in mind that steel doors can get dents but can also be easily repaired if needed. Being that steel doors are so strong and secure and the most cost efficient, they will probably continue to be one of the most popular door choices.

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