Creative Ways to Sell a House in This New Shaky Economy

There are a number of reasons a metro Atlanta homeowner, or any, would want to Buy my house fast fast. It could be because of pressure from a mortgage company because they’re behind on payments, a pending divorce, down-sizing to save money, a recent death in the family or because of an extra house causing a financial drain because of two mortgage payments.

No matter the situation, if you want to sell your house in Atlanta or any other area, fast, keep reading.

The Atlanta housing market, like most in the country, has slowed to a snails pace and economic reports show it’s going to get worse before it gets better. It’s become more of a challenge to get rid of burdensome homes. Between 2000-2006, a seller could have a buyer breathe on a lender’s office window for instant loan approval, put a sign in their yard for sale by owner, or list with a realtor and have them sell your house in 7 days.

Fast forward to now – days have become weeks, weeks have become months and months have become years. Selling a house isn’t nearly as easy as it used to be. And in reality there are some that haven’t received an offer in more than 9 months. The house is just sitting there.

So what do you do? You’re still wondering, “How can I sell my house?”  In short, get creative.

If you do the same thing everybody else is doing, you’ll get same results every body else is getting – NOTHING.

Here are three creative solutions that will allow you to sell the house fast:

1. Sell with seller financing.

Essentially you become the bank and take payments for your equity over time. Instead of the buyer getting a loan, which has become nearly impossible these days because of tightening lending standards, you’re the lender. The buyer makes payments to you, with interest. This is often hard for sellers to wrap their minds around, but in today’s market, you MUST think outside the box in order to sell your house fast without the traditional red-tape of a mortgage company. Think about those out there who may have money, but a traditional lender won’t approve them. You’re their savior and they’re yours. Okay, so what’s the catch? Well if the buyer stops making the payments you could get the house back. But what options do you have at this point? Simply screen correctly and you’ll be okay. You’ll be fully protected by a hard asset (a house), not just a non-performing piece of paper. The lenders who went under can tell you all about non-performing loans that didn’t have strong security. In case you’ve been under a rock, they’re no longer around.

2. Lease the house

A second solution is to lease the house instead of selling your house, and wait for the market to turn, or offer it to your tenants if they’re able to buy when you’re ready to sell. Because of the tough housing market right now, the pool of quality renters is expanding because of the tightened lending standards. Those who were once homeowners are now having to rent, which could be an opportunity for you This may not result in a house sale right away, but it will allow you to get a potential buyer in whom might be able to qualify in the near future. But what if the rent doesn’t cover the mortgage payments you may ask? Keep in mind that the market determines the rent and the rental market could care less what your payments are. So lose yourself less and pray rents increase as time goes along and the market turns.

3. Seek out a professional investor

A third method, at least for the sake of this article is to seek out a professional who specializes in solving creative real estate issues. These are usually honest real estate investors who have been buying houses for a number of years and were able to navigate their way through this tumultuous market because of their skill and creative ability to come up with out-of-the box, yet legal ways to buy houses for a living. Often times these are the, We Buy Ugly Houses, I Buy Houses, or Sell The Home Fast folks. They can often pay all cash at a discount or give you a better price for great terms (meaning they can pay you back for your equity over time). They’ll usually buy the house as-is with no contingencies or repairs within days. They can even handle all the paperwork.

Out of all the creative solutions mentioned in this article, if you don’t want to deal with all the hassles, the investor will. They’re professionals and in most cases have a financial reason to make sure everything is handled, otherwise, they won’t make any money – either now or in the future.

Whether you decided to give it a try yourself or solicit the help of a professional investor; do something. Your piece of mind is at stake!

If you need someone to buy your house in Atlanta or the metro-area fast, visit one of the most trusted companies in the area.

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