College Football Betting – Exciting Teams To Watch Out

It gives me those weekly exciting feelings from late August until December. College football has the greatest—and most meaningful—regular season in sports, and it shows. The players play their hearts out every Saturday, and the fans are the beneficiaries of a terrific three-plus month of non-stop action.College football betting is also one of the most beloved past time in the United States, in fact, there comes a time that it is most famous than NFL or any other แทงบอลบุนเดสลิก้า.

And today, I’ve got a treat for all you punters out there. I had made a list of the most exciting teams in the college league today. These teams are not basically the best, but they are indeed exciting and entertaining. And watch out, because these teams know how to surprise the audience and they might just be the key for you to win that huge cash prize (because everybody might just be betting on the obvious team and these exciting teams can win them over).Whether you will use them on your next college football betting, I’m sure you will have a good time watching them. Here’s my list.Notre Dame – We’ll start with the team everyone loves—or loves to hate—Notre Dame.

The Fighting Irish haven’t been their old selves for what seems like an eternity now, but Notre Dame is still one of the four winningest programs in the history of college football with 845 victories (behind Michigan, 895; Yale, 863; and Texas, 849). But these days, even when Notre Dame comes up short, you have to admit that it does so in spectacularly entertaining fashion. Just as one (of many) examples, take the 2011 contest against Michigan in Ann Arbor. The thrill-a-minute game under the lights at Michigan Stadium was easily one of the most entertaining games of the entire year—even though Notre Dame lost. And then there’s the fiery head coach Brian Kelly, who’s always good for a quote or two—especially if Notre Dame is trailing (or just lost).Auburn Tigers – The tigers sure like to make things interesting, don’t they? After Cam Newton left following the Tigers’ national championship after 2010, everyone left Auburn for dead.

And through much of their Week 1 game against lowly Utah State in 2011, the Tigers looked like a down and out team, just like we all expected. But through some amazing late-game theatrics, the Tigers found a way to win. And then did the same the following week against then-No. 16 Mississippi State. And while losses to Clemson, Arkansas, LSU, Georgia, and Alabama followed, Auburn sure put on quite a show all season long, en route to an 8-5 finish—including a Chick-fil-A Bowl victory over Virginia. So where do the Tigers go from here? Watch Out!Boise State – It doesn’t matter where you live or what team you consider your favorite, you can’t escape the fact that over the past six seasons, Boise State has easily been one of the most entertaining and exciting football teams in the entire college football season. From their 2007 Fiesta Bowl overtime thriller against Oklahoma to their punch-for-punch game against TCU in the 2007 Poinsettia Bowl to another Fiesta Bowl victory (over TCU) in 2010, the Broncos have consistently shown that they deserve every consideration as a top program.Virginia – You can sum up Virginia Tech’s style of football in one unconventional word: Beamerball. Head coach Frank Beamer has certainly tossed the idea of the offense scoring all of the points right out the window.

Since taking over the Hokies program in 1987, a touchdown has been scored by every a player at every position on defense. All of this while playing an at times unconventional style of football. Sure, Virginia Tech has just three returning offensive starters from 2011, but that just means we’ll likely see even more Beamerball out of the Hokies in 2012. Now who doesn’t want to watch that?Michigan State – This isn’t your grandfather’s MSU. The Spartans have been on a bit of a tear lately, winning more games in the past two seasons (22) than any other Big Ten program, save for Wisconsin (which also has 22 wins). Michigan State has also beaten Wisconsin during the regular season in back-to-back years, although Sparty did fall just short against the Badgers in the 2011 Big Ten Championship game. Michigan State is now a perennial contender in the Big Ten, and Dantonio’s Spartans have been winning with flair these past few seasons. MSU dug up some great drama during its 2011 showdown with Wisconsin in East Lansing. After giving up a seemingly safe fourth quarter lead, Michigan State had the ball near midfield with just a few seconds remaining. Rather than safely taking a knee and going to overtime, Dantonio drew up another historic Michigan State play.

The resulting Hail Mary pass was caught right at the goal line, and it took the officials a few minutes to review it. But in the end, it was another amazing, last-play victory for MSU.To put your college football betting on these teams might be a risk because these top exciting teams doesn’t mean they are the strongest. But I like to bet on these kind of team because they produce the most winnings for me. So take a chance on these exciting teams and make the game much more exciting.

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