Cats and Kittens – Ways For Taking Care of the Kittens

The health of the exotic shorthair kittens for sale near me must be attended to; the kitten must be seen by a veterinarian. The veterinarian will examine the health of the kitten to see if the kitten has parasites or any disease. Newborn kittens can have vaccination if they reach eight to nine weeks old.

If the mother cat is nursing the kitten, you do not have to feed your kitten. But when the mother cat is not around to feed the kitten, you have to give food to the kitten. In the first ten days of the lives of kittens, they have closed eye, therefore a syringe is needed in feeding your pet.

You nourish your pet by following the procedure in the box based on the weight of your pet. The food of kitten is not the same as the food of adult cat; it has a particular formula which has high fats and protein. The food has to be very digestible and plenty of nutrients. Kittens need soaked food because this is easy to digest. Newborn kittens are not capable to hold dry food; however, the kitten can be able to handle it when the kitten reaches eight weeks old.

Give food to your pet ten to twelve times a day or one serving every 2 hours. Do not give cow’s milk to the kitten; this can cause indigestion or diarrhea. The teeth of the kitten start growing around two weeks. After three weeks, you can begin to give your pet a bowl for its food and your pet how to make use of it.

Newborn kittens are not capable to defecate with no help. The mother cat helps kittens in eliminating food through the licking of their rectum. If the mother cat is not present, make use of a wet cloth and rub the stomach and rectum of the kitten to induce bowel movement. During this age, kittens are not capable to use trash box where to urinate, so you have to clean them.

The behavior of the cats can be determined during their first week of existence. If your kitten is together with its mother cat and brothers/sisters, the kitten will be able to learn playing and socializing with them. However, if your pet is alone, you have to cuddle and play with the kitten in order to develop a close association with the pet. The kitten usually begins to stand up at around two to three weeks, and will begin to play at three to four weeks.

Things that you need for the new kittens:

· Sleeping box; baby cats spend plenty of time in sleeping, therefore you have to give a hot, comfortable box for them to sleep. The room wherein the box is placed must be warm, since kittens are not capable to maintain a standard temperature and they may experience hypothermia that may be fatal.

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