Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Landscaping Equipment

A budding gardener or click starts out with simple tools such as rakes, spades, hoes and water cans. However, if he is devoted to serious landscaping, he will want to acquire powered landscaping and gardening tools to allow him to work faster and more efficiently.

Unfortunately, powered equipment is quite expensive for the landscaper. Therefore, the first advanced tools that he can acquire would probably be used landscaping equipment.

Used landscaping equipment are usually cheaper than brand new ones. Therefore, for the budget conscious landscaper, they are a relief and an opportunity. Most used landscaping equipment can still perform quite well.

Since used landscaping equipment are usually older models, they are generally quite easy to operate. Most of these models do not have readouts and systems which make its operation somewhat complex.

And since they are older models, they are also tried, tested and proven.

However, there are also problems when purchasing used landscaping equipment. Because of their second hand nature, they sometimes have unpleasant or annoying quirks in their operation. For example, a used lawn mower’s engine can suddenly stop if it cuts through thick grass. That means the gardener will have to restart it again.

Used landscaping equipment which involves blades have their own problems. Most of the time, the blades are dull. This results to uneven pruning. Sometimes, the blades snag into thicker branches, forcing the owner to manually cut the branches or getting them free off the machine’s blade. The best way to prevent this is to buy fresh blades.

Generally, used landscaping equipment consume more fuel than usual. There are several causes for this problem. Their fuel and oil lines may be dirty or the machinery inside may be worn out. These factors force the machine to work harder than it should, which affects their fuel efficiency.

A more serious danger in purchasing and using second hand equipment is safety. Old equipment sometimes have parts that are loose. When the machinery moves, there is a chance that these parts might fly off, hurtling in any direction. This can cause the breakage of the machine and injury for the user. Therefore, when using powered landscaping equipment, safety should be given emphasis.

With all these precautions, does it mean that one should avoid used landscaping equipment? Not at all. They are a good investment. However, it is important to have them checked out first for any problems. By doing this, the owner will get his money’s worth and a long time of enjoyable gardening and landscaping.

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