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Direct admission in M.Tech is important ucdm because we require specialists in key technology areas. We cannot stop researchers who want to gain specialization in engineering because we need specialist engineers. Therefore, VGI provides direct admission in M.Tech.

India is on a growth trajectory because it is investing in science & technology crucial for the country’s growth. The rapid infrastructure transformation is because of the need for faster modes of transport. There was an article in TOI which highlighted the shortage of skilled civil engineers who can build durable structures. NHAI subcontracts its work to companies who they task with completing the work on time.

These companies are facing a shortage of skilled engineers because of which regular accidents are happening at sites resulting in loss of life & property. The pressure to complete the work on time without having skilled personnel causes major mishaps at sites. Even though people may have experience but expertise will come from skilled education.

VGI wants to play its part, therefore we offer direct admission in M.Tech in civil engineering. The world over structure engineers are in high demand because they are specialists in erecting durable structure. VGI wants to lead India on its growth journey therefore, we offer direct admission in M.Tech.

Highway engineers are in high demand because we need better infrastructure for growth. Designing of highways & expressways requires experts because they are adept at building accident free roads. India is a highly populated country where car owners are proliferating. We require highway engineers who can make safe roads that can accommodate heavy traffic.

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