Top Ten Reasons You Should Write a Book Now!

Many would-be authors have a great acim inside them, but most will never be written, and that’s a shame. Isn’t it time for you to quit making excuses, and write the book you’ve been dreaming about?

What keeps people from successfully writing the book of their dreams? Typically, would-be authors allow their lack of confidence, or a few flimsy excuses to stand in their way. But don’t be deterred any longer, because I’m going to show you ten ways to overcome obstacles and boost your writing confidence.

Who exactly is capable of writing a great book, or the next bestseller? A lot more people than you might think. There are literally thousands of great writers who have amazing stories to tell. But here’s the kicker: They’ll never be discovered until they get off the sneid, and start writing.

Is it possible that YOU could be the next author to hit the bestseller’s list? I hope so, because that would be really cool But even if your book doesn’t ascend to the top of the charts, it’s still worth writing, isn’t it? After all, good books, told-right are always welcome in the publishing world.

Ten excuse-busters to help you write your dream-book at last:

1. IT’S YOUR DREAM. How do I know that? If it weren’t your dream, you wouldn’t be reading this article right now! What have you done with your dream? Have you pursued it? Worked diligently toward fulfilling it? Or have you allowed the excuses of life, and mental obstacles to kill it? Sounds like an easy question to answer, doesn’t it? But for many would-be authors, the right answer; the one that leads them to fulfill their book-writing goal, is never discovered. And that’s a shame, because your dream, if channeled properly, can become a powerful driving force in your life.

If you possess the personal passion that’s needed to fulfill your dream, and are willing to devote yourself to achieving it, then quite possibly, your dream may come true. But it can only happen if you dare to believe that dreams are worth pursuing.

2. YOU just might have a story worth telling. I hope you don’t think the only people capable of writing good stories, or creating quality books are those being published already, because that’s just NOT true!

Popular opinion suggests there re no new stories to be told. You know, that all the good ones have already been written. But isn’t it amazing, that every now and then, an inspired author will challenge the limits of creativity, and give us something fresh and wonderful to read again?

Why shouldn’t that special someone be YOU? After all, if someone is going to do it, why should it be other writers all the time?

Personally, I believe everyone has a great story to tell, an amazing book to write, or good advice to pass along. The problem is, most non-published authors don’t REALLY think they have anything to say.

Louis L’Amour, the famous western writer, said, “Folks is folks wherever you find them.” If that’s true (and I believe it is), then why shouldn’t YOU have a tale to tell, and a great book to write? After all, the only thing that separates you from published authors is – they have already been published, and you haven’t. So what – that doesn’t make their writing skills superior to yours, does it?

I hope you’re paying close attention to what I’m saying, because it’s important for you to grasp this point if you are going to produce the kind of books you’re capable of creating. You must believe that you possess the talent, the creative ability, and the necessary initiative to write your book successfully, or you’ll never pull it off. For without tenacity, perseverance, and the right attitude, you will not succeed in the publishing world, because doors only swing open for those who knock loud and long enough.

Do you have what it takes to keep trying, even when others tell you to quit? Many successful authors had to battle through unbelievable rejection and incredible obstacles, before they finally got published. And chances are, your journey won’t be that dissimilar from theirs. So keep on persevering, even when it would be easier to quit.

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