Challenges, Opportunities to Create Miracles!

I just cannot believe what I just heard from my tech guy. He tells me that my computer is working very well and I can pick it up in an hour. a course in miracles happen all the time. I just need to believe it!

My computer was dead last Saturday morning. I finished my work Friday night and I turned off my computer as usual. The next day when I tried to turn it on, nothing happened. It looked like the power was off. I took it to a technician right away because I had a lot of work to do -I’m a graphic designer and I depend on my computer. He said that they needed to run diagnosis software to determine the problem. I paid for that. Most services such as these are not available on the weekend, so he said it will take at least 48 to 72 hours to fix it. On Sunday, he called and said the problem was the power supply, so he was installing a new one. While doing so, a BIG problem occurred: the hard disk was damaged. The technician worked on it a little more. By Monday morning, he called me and said there the only thing to do is reformat the disk and erase everything. OMG!! I wanted to cry. I felt so frustrated. I took some disks I have for the computer system and I went to the store, hoping to help.

I was staying very positive throughout this ordeal. I was meditating, repeating my positive affirmations and writing my grateful affirmations. I put my intention in my Creation Box: “I have my computer working very well by Monday. Thank You God”, but when I received that call, I just felt frustrated. In the store, I almost lost my temper. Fixing my computer would cost at least $600 and take three more days. I tried to understand and be polite, but my frustrations limited my words. My daughter was with me and she tried to calm me. I got it. I changed my attitude and tried to be funny and positive.

Then technician had a brilliant idea -one of those that are not very common. If his idea works, then he can save me a lot of money and time. I was very surprised. He asked me to give him an hour and to wait for his call. I said yes, I believe in miracles!

My daughter and I were praying -our own prayers- on the way home. She had the idea to have a lunch picnic in the patio. She was a little worried about me. We had the picnic, trying to be positive. Forty-five minutes later my phone rang, and when I answered it, the technician tells me that my computer is working well. I just wanted to kiss him. I was very happy! It is amazing! I went to pick my computer up 30 minutes later and it was working very well!! I just cannot believe it.

Yesterday, I was thinking that this happened to me for a reason. I know it could have been far worse. I think we need these kinds of situations to remind us that we need to appreciate all the little things in life. When everything is O.K., we forget to appreciate and be grateful, and when we have a problem, we just complain about it.

One day, I was playing with the TV control and I accidentally went to a channel where Joel Osteem was talking about “divine interruptions.” I thought about that a lot. Maybe God wanted to tell me something. I was working very hard for the last two weeks and my daughter is on vacation. I think I’m giving time to her, but maybe not all the time she needs. Or maybe He sent me this as a challenge to help me to believe more and have faith, miracles happens around us all the time.

My computer is the most important working tool I have. I depend on my computer, so if something goes wrong with it, I go crazy. It was a BIG challenge for me. Today, I’m happy because I overcame my negative reaction. I was positive most of the time and believing that my computer would be O.K., and I could do my work. I created the magic, I created a miracle!

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